Alyssa Bonagura

RE: Nothing More To Say,
I have been obsessed with your song for years now after hearing it online.
I absolutely love everything about it. The melody, the lyrics. It really stands alone as far as I am concerned.

My Best Friend's daughters go to Wexford, School for the Arts and both have incredible vocal talents. One can break your heart and the other can transport you places.
I would love to introduce your most beautiful song to them to see how they interpret it.
Looking for Sheet Music form, as both study Piano and one also picked up Guitar and Ukulele.

Totally Impressed,
Andrew from Canada

Alyssa Bonagura responded on 07/25/2016

Hi Andrew! Thank you so much! I don't have any sheet music for the song but I have gotten a few questions regarding tunings and how to play a few of my songs so I'm going to make a YouTube video and explain some of them for y'all! Xx

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